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Ajmera Investment Company

Ajmera Investment Company is one of the leading suppliers of plumbing materials of Supreme Industries Ltd. and also supplies various products of Hindustan Plastics.

building construction

Gokaldas Developers

Gokaldas Developers has entered a niche market by developing affordable housing at prime locations in Mumbai.

Construction Plans

Next Dimension

Architectural solutions provided for a world class construction.


Ajmera Group was founded in the early 1900s by Shri Gokaldas Shivlal Ajmera.


In his initial years of business, he dealt in plumbing material made from cement and was a pioneer in this industry.


As time and technology evolved, so did the products and the business type as the reigns were passed on to his grandchildren, Mr. Kirti Ajmera, Mr. Jayesh Ajmera and Mr. Vijay Ajmera.


Over a period of time, they got an opportunity to enter the same market in a different style; this is when the concept of plastic plumbing materials came into play.


Mr. Kirti Ajmera, with all his hard work and perseverance, started and raised the company in the year 1989, now known as Ajmera Investment Company

Circa 2010, Experience of 3 brothers met young and energetic team member in form of Vinit Ajmera (Son of Mr. Kirti Ajmera).

Vinit Ajmera is an MBA with Majors in Finance from Leeds University (UK) and is part of the Ajmera Group for over a decade. Being a tech-savvy, Vinit is keenly involved in various functions and growth of the business.

The key to our success lies in our commitment to providing the highest quality service and support. We place the utmost importance in meeting the needs of our customers.


Ajmera Group is a dynamic company poised for continued growth, largely though the dedication and enthusiasm of our team, leadership strategies, manufacturing efficiency and commitment to innovation.



Year Established






  • To conduct business ethically and lead by example.

  • To offer products and services consistently without compromising the quality supported by continuous improvements and thereby exceeding customer satisfaction.

  • To ensure the culture of utmost respect and empowerment to individuals and be a catalyst in enhancing their competencies.

  • To provide outstanding services and products to our customers, and in that way be considered as an integral part of their enterprises.

  • To continuously look for ways to improve our performance.

  • To maintain a comprehensive stock inventory to ensure that every project runs smoothly.

  • To put our values at the centre of everything we do, now and in the future.


To be recognized and well known in the community as the most trusted and valuable leader in providing quality plumbing material to the highest standard and specifications to all the clients.

Our excellence is manifested through our staff… we strive to make Ajmera Group not only a place to earn a living but to place to find significance and purpose.

Core values 


Successful Businesses are built on relationships. Relationships between employers and employees, staff and customers. At the foundation of all relationships is trust.


The term innovation drums up image of world-changing ideas or inventions. Certainly, we at Ajmera Group want to change the world, but innovation is more about making everything better everyday and embracing change. It’s constantly searching for ways to “Top It”.



At Ajmera Group, Ethics is the basis of our business process. Strong ethics does not only attract customers/clients who appreciate honest services that will then boost the sales and profit of our company but also keep our morals in check.



The 21st century has transformed the market to be customer centric market, which is why at Ajmera Group, we believe a happy and satisfied customer will lead us to increase in more customers and ultimately growing the business even more.



All the great people or great achievements are the product of some great collaborations, some great team efforts.


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

---- Henry Ford


At Ajmera Group we believe that success can be owned by working together.




Contact Details

T : +91 22 2242 0859
T : +91 22 2242 0246
T : +91 22 2242 0314
T : +91 22 2242 0057


Head Office

76, Kika Street,
Grant Road,
Mumbai - 400004.


37/1 Panjrapole Lane,
C.P. Tank Road, 
Grant Road,
Mumbai 400004.

Ajmera Godown,
​Next to Navratna Co-op Soc., 
​Data Pada Road, Carter Road,
Cross Road No.2,

Near Shatabdi Hospital,
Borivali (E), Mumbai 400066.

​Sitara Mill Compound,
​Behind Jogani Industrial Estate, Dilaye Road,
​Near Parel Railway Station, Saat Rasta,
Mumbai 400011. ​

Nayak Compound,
Rahnal Village, Rahnal Road,



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